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Food Service and Hospitality

Introductory Courses

Concentrator Courses

Culinary Arts 1 will provide a hands on learning environment in order to build culinary knowledge and skill sets. This is the first course in a career pathway sequence in Food Service and Hospitality. Students will develop skills in safety and sanitation, knife safety, introduction to commercial food preparation and baking, kitchen hierarchy, technology and career awareness. Additionally, students will develop front of the house skills including cashiering, host/hostess customer service, serving styles and proper table setting. Common Core and CTE standards are infused throughout this course to improve critical and creative thinking, problem solving, literacy and quantitative reasoning. Students will be able to expand their awareness of history art, math, science and language through food. It is the goal of this course that all students have strong training and skills that are necessary in the industry.


How to effectively manage sanitation to achieve high standards as set forth by the laws and regulations covering the food industry in the United States. In-depth study of management's responsibility in sanitation. Safety procedures and practices are also covered.​


Capstone Courses

Culinary Arts 2 is built upon the foundation of techniques and skills acquired in Culinary Arts 1. Students will expand their knowledge in Safety & Sanitation, Baking and Pastries, Cake Decorating, Hospitality and Restaurant Management. Students will earn the ServSafe Managers Certification through classwork, lectures, videos and daily practice. Students will learn baking fundamentals to make cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, quick breads and yeast breads by baking for the school cafeteria, student lead cafs and catering programs as well as for fundraisers. This gives them real world experience as well as gaining knowledge in the field. Students will also explore the world of restaurant management by learning food costs, pricing, profitability and productivity.


Principles of Baking is a one semester dual enrollment course that teaches the theory and practical skills required to produce quality pastries and breads.


Principals of the Pantry is a one semester dual enrollment course that teaches the theory and practical skills required to produce quality salads, sandwiches and cold sauce.


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