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Systems Diagnostics, Services, and Repair

Introductory Courses

This is an introductory course covering the basics of the automobile repair industry. Students will be introduced to shop safety, the use of mechanics' tools and equipment, and basic engine service techniques. The career paths available to automotive technicians will also be covered. Lectures, homework, and lab assignments, including the teardown and reassembly of single cylinder engines, will be used to create a thorough knowledge of the internal combustion engine.


Concentrator Courses

Lecture/demonstration course introducing the operation and maintenance of the modern automobile; emphasis on the theory of basic operating systems, including engine, electrical, chassis and driveline.


Capstone Courses

Introductory lecture/lab course covering maintenance and diagnosis procedures used in the automotive service industry. Lab experiences in maintenance and service areas of engine lubrication, underhood, undercar, tire and wheel, cooling system, belts and hoses, fuel system, battery and electrical system, engine maintenance and performance, brakes and wheel bearings.


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Nondiscrimination Statement and Related Policies

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